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System Requirements & Data Architecture
We build scalable systems and structures to ensure that your Salesforce grows with you.
Salesforce Customisation & Implementation
We harness the power of Salesforce to build systems to improve your business processes.
Legacy Systems Migration & Data Management
We ensure that your systems are current and compatible with the latest Salesforce standards.
Salesforce Lightning Migration
We carefully analyse your current data structure and code processes to ensure minimal migration disruptions.
UI/UX, Form, Portal & Community Creation
We create user interfaces with best practice User Interface / User Experience to combine beautiful form and intelligent function.
Business System & Process Analysis
We help you take control of your Salesforce flows to make them efficient, streamlined and automated.


Tykhe Force Assists These Industries

We help businesses in these industries take control of their leads, data and processes to significantly reduce their business risk.

Banking & Finance
Real Estate
Retail & E-Commerce
Health & Fitness
Not For Profit

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Unleash Your Salesforce

We've leveraged the raw power of Salesforce and built tools to take the brakes off.

Here are some of the ways that Tykhe Force currently helps others to run their Salesforce Org with speed, accuracy, compliance and profit.

Applications Faster
Our automated decisioning processes combined with sophisticated Banking, Credit and ID integrations will streamline your customer on-boarding processes, improve your assessment accuracy and decrease your approval risks.
Create & e-Sign
Any Document
Complete electronic signing for any documents, with data merge capabilities. Load your document templates or use our templates. Send reminders & notifications to one or more signatories. All delivered securely with flexible digital signing options (draw, adopt, upload, or use existing).
Improve Process Compliance & Accuracy
Ensure that your assessment process meet and exceed responsible government standards. Your system includes critical assessment stages, approval rules and detailed compliance checklists to provide end-to-end efficiency. Tykhe also provides consultancy services to lenders.
Automate Email, Portal Chat & 2-Way SMS
Benefit from built-in Email and SMS communications automation from end-to-end. We cater for applicant verification via SMS, customer notifications at all on-boarding stages (e.g banking, ID, references). Email or SMS any document for e-Signing with ease (e.g. loan contract, privacy policy, credit guide, direct debit agreement). Send trigger based repayment reminders, missed payment notifications, default notices and more — and allow your customer to reply.
Pay Out
The Split Payments API integration empowers you to disburse funds to borrowers without logging in to your bank account or uploading ABA files. Automate payments of any volume and variation multiple times a day - so your borrowers get paid when they need to. Credit any Australian account in real-time with zero effort and admin.
Get Paid Faster &
More Intelligently
With a powerful Split Payments API integration, you benefit from new levels of direct debit connectivity. You can collect payments on time from your customers with minimal admin & effort. Discover a new way to get paid efficiently - Real-time account verification, real-time status updates, real-time available funds pre-check, and real-time processing.
Give Customers Online Portal & Community Access
Create secure online customer accounts for all your inbound applicants. Your customers can log in their portal to view their current application status, provide documents, view their active accounts, payments & schedule, update their details and communicate with your team. Your customer portal can also manage how often a customer can re-apply, based on your business rules. This can reduce unwanted load your assessment processes, staffing and related on-boarding costs.
View Advanced Reporting
& Dashboards
Create fully customisable reports and dashboards for your lending business to deliver a 360 view of your portfolio in real time, at any time. Our Salesforce based reports are compatible with a variety of devices and platforms - so no authorised user will ever go without a valuable report. Get reliable, factual information in real-time for informed decisions and planning across all key aspects of your business.
Leverage 3rd Party
API Integrations
We've provided powerful, simple & stable REST APIs via Salesforce to integrate with cloud applications. Illion Open Data Solutions (Proviso) and Credit Sense for Bank Statements, Equifax for consumer and commercial Credit Files, Split Payments for inbound and outbound Direct Debit and PayID payment automation, Verifi for compliant ID verification and other services and deploy rules based assessment tasks, assignments and communications to maximise efficiency in you origination and opportunity management workflows.
Customise Delinquency
Management Processes
Have your finger on the pulse of all your active contracts like never before. Manage all missed payments in real time. Track your collection activities with efficient staff assignments and delinquency stage management - all backed by powerful and accurate management reporting. Cater for financial hardship scenarios and restructure customer loan repayments on the fly.
Configure Any Loan
or Lease Product
Get your new financial products to market with unparalleled speed and accuracy. If you have a Loan, Lease or Line of Credit product in mind, we can create it for you in record time using a powerful loan configuration engine.


Customise Rates,
Fees & Charges
Using a built-in rules engine and flexible system configurations, you have full control of your customer ratings and pricing tiers, promotional offers, rates, fees and charges for every loan product that you offer.



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Tykhe Force combines best practice, compliance, technology and services into integrated solutions to meet the evolving demands of modern salesforce businesses.

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